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The IIHF started a competition last year for Tournament Sustainability and Angelique Thomson and Gillian Swart took up the challenge.  During the Women’s International Tournament signage was placed around the rink reminding players to save water, fountains were provided instead of bottles of water and water warriors were assigned the task of checking that toilets and taps in the rink were not leaking.  Further to this, the ice rink provided information regarding their saving of water techniques and so this was all put onto a presentation and sent to the IIHF.

 The IIHF Tournament Chairman, Frank Gonzalez, checked that we had indeed put all these things into place while he was here during the tournaments and we waited with bated breath for the 24th May and the presentation at Congress in Slovakia, attended by Hannes Botha (SAIHF President) and Jason Cerff (SAIHF Vice President).

 It is to our great delight that we were awarded 1st place with a nice monetary award for SAIHF but most importantly, the prestige that comes with placing South Africa firmly on the international radar.  Congratulations and thank you to all involved.


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