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National Teams
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since 1937

The Home of South African Ice Hockey

The Home of South African Ice Hockey

The official website of the South African Ice Hockey Federation and home of Africa’s highest ranked ice-hockey nation.

The SAIHF is the governing body for all ice-hockey related activities in South Africa.


In the last 7 years

In 2010 the SAIHA received a boost. Both administration and funding were tabled as critical factors to future growth. The Association set about looking at how to set a new direction. Development and particularly youth development were identified as keys to growth along with new methods in coaching and philosophy. In 2012 the Association began a partnership with USA Hockey. Coaching was identified as a primary area of focus and both fresh and existing coaches were educated and re-educated. Strong development and growth principles were adopted. Most importantly there was buy-in from all parties.

The South African Ice Hockey Association has now been renamed the South African Ice Hockey Federation. The Federation is a NPO (non-profit organization). With membership at record highs and strong development policies at the forefront of all agenda’s, we are happy but not nearly has the appetite for success been quenched. As an organization, reaping the rewards of long term strategy is key. We are committed to this path and we are confident that we are building a sustainable future for all our current and future members.